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Created and designed by artist Philip Colbert, the label is inspired by the Post Pop Art movement. ‘The Rodnik Band’ label is presented as a pop band rather than a traditional fashion label. The collection is a unique amalgamation of music, art and fashion which combines three closely associated genres to create a unique fashion concept.

“Clothing with a strong sense of fun. This is present in all the collections from the conceptual object dresses, such as the sequin sunflower dress after Van Gogh to the surreal handbags and the bold ready to wear styles that make up the rest of the collection.


I develop hand-made prints, using lino printing techniques, bright colours and bold witty styles.


My work walks a humorous line between fashion and art, I like the idea that my clothing is taken off the wall and worn, that each style expresses an artistic idea that is accessible and makes a thoughtful statement. I feel that fashion’s greatest value is in fantasy and escapism. For me humour is a powerful tool to push understanding and encourage a thoughtful approach to clothing.


I like to use tasteful, classic, chic templates of garment shape and fit, these are my perfect canvas.

I present my label as an Ironic pop band, I write songs based on each collection and perform at the show. I am inspired to reinvent the way people look at fashion/clothes! If you change the way you look at something, the thing you look at changes!” 


Colbert has picked up many supporters along the way, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Piaggi, and Lady Gaga, and was described by journalist Andre Leon Talley as “the Godson of Andy Warhol”.

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